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50+ countriesWe work all over the world
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How it works?

Step 1
Monitoring Data

We look at over 30 sources, like scientific articles, patents, and news, to give you a full picture of your competition, potential partners, and investors.

This step helps us give you detailed market research and find the right leads. Our goal is to give you a clear view of market trends to help you make smart Data-Driven business choices.

Step 2
Data Analysis with AI

At INNOMA.VC, we use Artificial Intelligence, especially our own AI model, to understand technology data better.

This method turns lots of information into clear, useful tips and guides. It's great for analyzing markets, improving products, or planning B2B strategies. Our AI helps you make decisions based on data, giving you an edge over others.

Step 3
Data-Driven Solutions

We take carefully studied data and use it to make services like detailed market research reports and plans for entering local markets.

Our way of using structured data makes sure the information we give you is not just based on data but also fits your strategy. This helps startups grow faster and companies innovate. We turn data into plans, helping your business do well in the fast-changing tech world.

We work with all the main B2B and B2C technology segments such as:
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Supply Chain
Industry 4.0
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Our Services

Market Researches
Specializing in custom market research, we delve into diverse technological industries and global markets, offering tailored insights. Our comprehensive approach ensures your business stays ahead with informed, data-driven strategies
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B2B Lead generation
Crafting sophisticated B2B lead funnels, we integrate digital communication channels to revolutionize your marketing and sales strategies. Our approach is designed to maximize your outreach and conversion in the competitive tech landscape
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AI Assistants
Revolutionize your technology management with our unique AI Assistant. This tool is specifically designed for the tech industry, optimizing the innovation cycle and enhancing product development with AI-driven insights
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Startup Accelerator
Our online acceleration program is your ticket to global success. With 8 comprehensive courses and guidance from 6 industry experts, we equip startups with the tools and knowledge to thrive in international markets
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For Whom?

Tech businesses
  • Market Expansion Strategy.
    Expert advice for entering and thriving in new markets.
  • Product Development Support.
    Enhance your products with AI insights and market data.
  • Market Trend Forecasting.
    Stay ahead with predictive market trend analysis.
VC funds
  • Startup Analytics.
    Deep insights into startups for smarter investment choices.
  • AI Portfolio Management.
    Improve your investment strategy and returns with AI.
  • Tech Sector Reports.
    In-depth reports on tech trends and investment opportunities.
  • AI Business Integration.
    Streamline your operations with customized AI solutions.
  • Market Entry Strategy.
    Expert planning for successful market entry and competition.
  • Innovation Partnerships.
    Connect with startups for growth and tech advancements.
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We help with

Finding investors
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B2B and B2C sales
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Finding partners and agents
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Staff recruitment
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Customer Development
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Finding technology solutions
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Our cases

AI Assistant for Startups
  • A 2.5-fold increase in conversion compared to last year
  • A reduction in the process time by 1-2 hours
  • Systematization and development of scoring models
  • Enhanced user engagement through personalized communication strategies
  • Streamlined application review process, leading to faster decision-making
Market Entry Strategy for a Payment solution (ASEAN)
  • Build a database of potential clients/partners for the payment system in the Asian region - Thailand, China, Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore - a base of ~5000 leads
  • Develop a communication strategy for social media and email campaigns
  • Adapt the technological solution to the market conditions of Asia, conducting 30 meetings with potential customers
  • Close 5 deals
Market Entry Strategy for a Supply chain solution (MENA)
  • Mapped the digital solutions landscape within the logistics ecosystem in Saudi Arabia and the UAE
  • Identified strategic directions of the state in logistics
  • Estimated the logistics market size (TAM, SAM, SOM)
  • Conducted competitive analysis and benchmarking
  • Analyzed media publications and public speeches by Saudi Arabian officials
  • Developed recommendations for product launch in the Saudi Arabian market
Lead Generation for VR/AR Industry (Europe, MENA)
  • Identified optimal B2B and B2C channels for targeting audiences in the VR/AR industry across Europe and MENA
  • Created engaging promotional materials tailored for use across chosen channels
  • Configured a sales funnel specifically designed for VR/AR products or services, enhancing lead conversion
  • Analyzed and interpreted results from marketing campaigns, providing clear insights into performance
  • Delivered ongoing support, ensuring the continuous success and strategic adjustments of the lead generation process
AI Market Research in the United Kingdom
  • Compiled a comprehensive database of over 50,000 records, including patents, scientific articles, influencers, media sources, startup databases, and company registries
  • Developed an AI tool for big data analysis, enabling sophisticated data processing and insights extraction
  • Established a proprietary research methodology tailored to the nuances of AI market research
  • Produced a detailed final report and roadmap for a corporate client, outlining strategies for AI development
  • Identified key AI trends and opportunities within the UK market, providing the client with actionable intelligence for strategic decision-making
AI Analytical software for Eastern Europe startup ecosystem
  • Collected a comprehensive database of approximately 12,000 startups within the Eastern European ecosystem
  • Accelerated the process of scoring startups by three times through the implementation of a data-driven approach
  • Consolidated over 30 services for startups into a single account
  • Enhanced predictive analytics for startup success, improving investment decision accuracy
  • Streamlined communication between investors and startups, fostering a more connected ecosystem
AI Analytical software for startup scoring and ranking
  • Collected a database of 3 million patents for more than 400 thousand legal entities, providing a vast foundation for startup scoring and ranking
  • Accelerated the process of forming pipelines for business incubators by 5 times, significantly enhancing efficiency
  • Implemented a neural network algorithm for predictive analytics, improving the accuracy of startup success forecasts
  • Developed a dynamic ranking system that updates in real-time based on new data inputs, ensuring up-to-date assessments
  • Integrated a customizable filtering system to allow users to sort startups based on specific criteria, facilitating targeted analysis
  • We conducted 5 in-depth studies for the media based on the system